Elvis Penis

Ignore the random title.

Don’t read too much into it.

It was just one kiss.

How could one kiss just leave me wondering.

What if.

You hugged me a little longer than I thought you would.

Was I too rash?

To hate you so quickly.

To remove my love from you instantly.

We’ll never know.

What if.


Truly spotless

He sniffed her up. Gently.

She didn’t dare to move.

It was as if she had no choice.

Close to the yellow putrid liquid.

He cherished in every daylight.

Caught up in his words.

She never met his actions.

We shan’t look at the picture.

We shan’t analyse.

She chewed her lips.



The ruminator was not aware of the impact of the word,


She was surprised when he remembered her name.

Into the day, she left him for her love.

Nothing will change

the truth.

She needed it.

She needed a safe place.

Such a place does not exist.

Open house

The dishwasher who stood behind the window analysed the psychologist who seemed to know it all.

Who thought reverse psychology was the new trick.

She was not amused.

Despite this, the dishwasher was for once happy that she was the backdrop. 

While cutting the onions, the knife slipped

and her cutting career was over.

Time didn’t wait for her to heal.

Living in a dream

I realized how naive I was.

Why did I not think it was a problem.

Anything could happen.

I’ve learnt that the hard way.

I’m not happier.

Without you.

I hate these ninety fifth thoughts.

Someone. Please stop me.

Please stop my careless actions.

I need you too.

What it seems

I didn’t scream because there was nobody to scream to.

I didn’t cry because there was no one to wipe the tears away.

I didn’t smile because there was no camera.

I didn’t listen because I lost faith.

I didn’t talk because I lost trust in humanity.