I had another dream about you.

It’s always the same one.

Just that you appear in different places.

This time, you gave me a dragon ring.


There’s something more to this.



I am terrified of snakes.

Ask Alex.

The moment I see them,

I freeze up,

And my hands turn into fists.

But when my dad mentions that

a snake has turned into a road kill,

I go,

“Where, where, where?”

Right now, I have my eye on one particular snake

and I hope it turns into a roadkill.

You have proven to me again that


Hope a crop harvester runs over you.

It’s been confirmed that you’re my Mew because

you love me.

But it is also true that your hunger for power and money

will consume you

and bury us underneath the ground.

Some things never change.

If I’m wrong, then say so.

But I’ve been also doing a lot of thinking.

And it’s always been about the same thing.

What I need to know is that behind all the

“I love you’s”,

is there another reason why you are by my side.

I only have three more days left here.

There’s not much time

and it feels like you’re not making the most out of it.

I wished I didn’t have a soft spot for you.

I always did.

I always will.