I don’t know what I want.

How immature.

It’s just that she gets mentioned

and I can’t help but compare which holidays or birthdays were more enjoyable.

How immature.

I get so bitter about it that I wish the whole nation would go to hell.

How immature.

I just want to get rid of all this negativity and the idea of her.

Wishful thinking is meaningless.

In the end, all I know is that I love you.



I got 75% for my Social Psychology essay assignment.

The assignment which I passed up 5 days after it was due.

The assignment which I did not meet the word limit requirement. (I wrote 2750 words when I was suppose to write 3500)

I’m even more glee because I saw how many people didn’t do as well.

I know how cruel and sadistic of me.

The class average including those who didn’t pass up their assignment (19 people) was 55%.

The class average excluding those who didn’t pass up their assignment was 60.9%.

Sorry, I can’t help but gloat. =)

What the hell am I saying sorry for anyway!

Let me be happy!

P.S. By the way, I think the pixeled snow on the WordPress.com is adorable. But now, they’re round. =( It’s so ringbo.