Give it up to me

I didn’t give a reason.

I don’t want an apology.

I don’t need facades to make me happy.

Pray tell me, how am I suppose to feel as your lover.

As your friend.

As a human.

Please shut me out.

For your sake.


When there isn’t a dictionary

The transfer wasn’t enjoyable.

I didn’t ask myself because I was afraid of the answer.

I wished the morning to arrive soon.

It’s dry.

I’m not eased.

Mew is not helping.

You’re not present.

Let it go.

It was the final last straw.

The lightbulb has burst.

Living in a dream

I realized how naive I was.

Why did I not think it was a problem.

Anything could happen.

I’ve learnt that the hard way.

I’m not happier.

Without you.

I hate these ninety fifth thoughts.

Someone. Please stop me.

Please stop my careless actions.

I need you too.

Lost in transformation

I’ve said it.

There was no reply.

No reaction to my confession.

Nothing feels worse than rejection.

I had a vision of you repulsing at my touch.

I didn’t understand you.

I didn’t respect you enough.

I’m intolerable material.

Why are you still here?


Your loss

Let me inside your heart of electric sockets.

Let me explore your world of persian carpets and magical sun bulbs.

Lit my cigarette and she would watch her purple screen of chandelier candle rays.

You put a smile on my face, you big pretty thing of skin.

Call me.


Uncovered by the lies,

I knew I couldn’t keep your secret.

I knew I was in love but I couldn’t love her.

The waves never came. 

I am waiting.

Where is she?

my love.