My grandma fell asleep listening to comforting sounds.

I love my poh poh.

“It’s hard to make sense. Feels as if I’m sensing you through a lens.” 


The city of high fashion

She sways like there’s an invisible hula hoop around her hips.

Her love handles are too die for.

Her look makes people shit in their pants.

Her lips makes guys erupt.

What a beautiful revolution.

Enough to make peace.

Don’t let her go out of your senses.



The ruminator was not aware of the impact of the word,


She was surprised when he remembered her name.

Into the day, she left him for her love.

Nothing will change

the truth.

She needed it.

She needed a safe place.

Such a place does not exist.

Open house

The dishwasher who stood behind the window analysed the psychologist who seemed to know it all.

Who thought reverse psychology was the new trick.

She was not amused.

Despite this, the dishwasher was for once happy that she was the backdrop. 

While cutting the onions, the knife slipped

and her cutting career was over.

Time didn’t wait for her to heal.

One more night

The truth is that equal love is non-existent.

If it still prevailed, it aged.

The melody swirled with the trumpet and her clear, husky voice.

He danced with his elephantine moves.

She could not stop staring at the man she adored

and her last thought was

“Would one more night help?”

He reached for her hand and looked deep into her fixated eyes.

“Darling, please listen to me. Let me in.”

It rained ferrets that night.