The dreaming machine

You see zigzag through me

I don’t hate it better.

I’m thinking of you.

But not so fondly.

When we meet at R4, we shall reunite permanently.

Until then, the moon will be in retrograde.

P.S. Music has been missing in my life.

What a tragedy.

Now is the time to be inspired.

I know you’re not ready for this.

You’ll never be.




“kiss, kiss.”

It drags on and on.

There will be worse days.

Says the wide hypowackerlucidify.

Everyone cares.

But I try not to.

That’s the consequences of being the Unconvential.

You spit at me.

It feels like paradise.

Leave me alone is the most childish sentence I make.

This is not my armchair.

This is surely not my home.

I hesitate.

The city of high fashion

She sways like there’s an invisible hula hoop around her hips.

Her love handles are too die for.

Her look makes people shit in their pants.

Her lips makes guys erupt.

What a beautiful revolution.

Enough to make peace.

Don’t let her go out of your senses.


One more night

The truth is that equal love is non-existent.

If it still prevailed, it aged.

The melody swirled with the trumpet and her clear, husky voice.

He danced with his elephantine moves.

She could not stop staring at the man she adored

and her last thought was

“Would one more night help?”

He reached for her hand and looked deep into her fixated eyes.

“Darling, please listen to me. Let me in.”

It rained ferrets that night.

Is this it.

The heartbreaker came to visit me.

She asked me what I wanted.

I gave the cliche answer, ‘peace’.

It was the truth.

It came from the heart.

Surely, she didn’t listen

and the waves came.

Your loss

Let me inside your heart of electric sockets.

Let me explore your world of persian carpets and magical sun bulbs.

Lit my cigarette and she would watch her purple screen of chandelier candle rays.

You put a smile on my face, you big pretty thing of skin.

Call me.