Fatty mama tried to convince the class to boycott Starbucks and Macd’s.

She went on and on about how they were sending funds to supply the artillery, yadiyadiya.

This is when I laughed.

She said:

“Every time you put a fry or a burger into your mouth, their blood is in your mouth. Every time you sip your Starbuck drinks, you are drinking their blood.”

I think it’s just best to be ignorant and laugh.


Truly spotless

He sniffed her up. Gently.

She didn’t dare to move.

It was as if she had no choice.

Close to the yellow putrid liquid.

He cherished in every daylight.

Caught up in his words.

She never met his actions.

We shan’t look at the picture.

We shan’t analyse.

She chewed her lips.



The ruminator was not aware of the impact of the word,


She was surprised when he remembered her name.

Into the day, she left him for her love.

Nothing will change

the truth.

She needed it.

She needed a safe place.

Such a place does not exist.

For real

I’m seriously considering moving to a country where I know absolutely nobody.

Where language will be a barrier, hence, I won’t be so charming.

Where they’re not attracted to asians.

Where I would be turned off by their charm. 

Ireland sounds good to me.