It’s funny how a week could be so bad

that the gloomy weather plays along with my swings.

But when it comes to telling people how I am

and if I were asked to sum up my week in one word,

“Good” is usually the word that comes forth from my lips.

I know I’m really not making any sense.

I thought I would be talking about pretense.

But now I’m thinking about a dream

when my landlord suddenly yelled at me

and pointed out my stupidity.

Since then, it never stopped raining

and now the ground feels like marshmallows.

P.S. This is what happens when I’m not thinking of anything but I’m trying to rhyme.

Yes really, I’m merely full of crap.


“What ifs” makes me question whether

I should be with you.

I just can’t help myself but think maybe you’ll be happier.

Maybe you should be with ***

But then you would think

“Why does this matter?”

I’m with you.

Not with the others.

I know I can’t keep thinking like this for the rest of my life.

I guess it’s just me.

Always wondering

Always thinking

“What ifs.”

For now, I know that I still want to be with you.

However, when I know that I don’t want to be with you anymore,

then the inevitable happens.

I guess I’ll only know I’ll be fine when I see you with another girl.

You’re making it bittersweet.

And you’re definitely not making it any easier.

22.4.2010 and we’re still going strong!

Last night you were exhausted. Tired. Zonked out. Ready to crash.

But still you came to see me even though I said it’s ok and I really meant it.

We watched “Where the Wild Things Are” which was kind of nonsensical but in a cute, spoilt brat-ish way.

I’m sure we would have loved it if we were 8 years old.

But you were like what the ikan and bored while I giggled away.

Actually I was like what the ikan too but I didn’t really want to show it so you didn’t think we were wasting time watching this movie. But of course, that didn’t work. Lol!

What mattered to me was that we were together and we were happy. =)

I guess I’m noting this down

so that in times when I’m rawring at you (like now),

I can look at this and go like “Aww, those were the good old days.”


But seriously, in all honesty, I really do treasure all the moments we spend together – when its just you and me. =)

Thanks for being a real cheeseball dinosaur!

Aihhhhh wooooove euuuuu!