Rae and I

Happy happy bday to the Sexiest Daddy in the world! Love you loads! You’ve been awesome and so so supportive! You deserve the best because of who you are! Muaxxxxx! I lovey dovey you!! Badaboom!!



I don’t feel good about this. At all.

I know its the “right” thing to do.

I deserve this.

And so does he.

I hope I won’t regret this for life.

I hope everything will fall into place.

We deserve happiness. Especially him.

I’ll always be your’s.

Your ming a ling.

Once again

I hate you.

I wish you didn’t exist.

But then I wouldn’t be here.

Actually, that thought seems pretty pleasant.

I’ll forever hate you and then maybe one day, I’ll disappear.

A gun with a fan

Burnt by the cigarette butts,

She just lay there.


Ignorant of what was going on.

On top of her.

I tasted bitterness.

I smelt betrayal.

I spoke angry things.

And once I spoke them, I retreated.

Back to you.