The Hills

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about a tv show in my blog before.

Well, about the Hills (Yes, I’m crazy about the show and Audrina and JB aka Justin Bobby. If you don’t know nuts about it, stop being gnarly and start watching it because it is crazy crazy crazy!!!)

I used to hate Spencer with a passion because he was sarcastically rude and obnoxious. However, last night he instantly won my heart especially with that suave proposal he made to Heidi in the Ferris Wheel.

I guess that’s how the show portrays you. If the producer wants you to be a phallus, then that’s what you’ll be.

That’s exactly how life is.

Life’s a bitch but you don’t need to be one.

My gosh, I’m starting to get a little philosi-blonde-phical on my blog.

Wth is happening to me. HELP!!

P.S. I don’t think I made sense.


I don’t know what I want.

How immature.

It’s just that she gets mentioned

and I can’t help but compare which holidays or birthdays were more enjoyable.

How immature.

I get so bitter about it that I wish the whole nation would go to hell.

How immature.

I just want to get rid of all this negativity and the idea of her.

Wishful thinking is meaningless.

In the end, all I know is that I love you.

Elvis Penis

Ignore the random title.

Don’t read too much into it.

It was just one kiss.

How could one kiss just leave me wondering.

What if.

You hugged me a little longer than I thought you would.

Was I too rash?

To hate you so quickly.

To remove my love from you instantly.

We’ll never know.

What if.

Lost in transformation

I’ve said it.

There was no reply.

No reaction to my confession.

Nothing feels worse than rejection.

I had a vision of you repulsing at my touch.

I didn’t understand you.

I didn’t respect you enough.

I’m intolerable material.

Why are you still here?