I ♥ rainbows

Colours organize themselves in a blue, red, purple fashion.

Who said we must follow the rainbow trend.

Who came up with that fixation in the first place?

A scientist?


Trust one who had no imagination to come up with a theory like that.

Nabs freak

My mum just told me that she read a newspaper article which said that

if you face the fan, your face will go one side up, one side down.

She literally said that.


You believe in that kind of crap?

You believe whatever the newspaper says?

Fish, I might as well come up with something like

If you put food into your rectum, you will literally talk shit

and I bet she would believe it.

I should create a nabs blog.


Whoever pronounces the word, resume, “re-su-mee.”

Please put your hands in the air and wave them like you don’t care

so that

I could ROFL in your face. =)


It’s funny how reading an old blog can bring back so many memories.

Memories which smacks a smile on your face.

Memories which pulls your heart into a thousand directions.

Memories which makes you miss somebody who shouldn’t matter anymore.

Well, what I miss right now is

the way I used to express myself.

How it came so easy and effortless.

How I sounded so intelligent and callous.

I guess I’m lacking of inspiration

and of a muse.

I miss the old ming.

Feeling rather nostalgic now.

I really miss being out at night till it’s early in the morning.

Out long enough to catch the sunrise.

Those moment were beautiful.

I can’t exactly explain how I felt.

Peaceful, quiet  – like I could die right then.

True tranquility.

It went straight to my heart.

I probably should have gone along with my feelings last Sunday.

I need a walk.

My heart’s aching.

How is it that we’re so different but we’re together.

Two, three years ago, I would say we had a lot in common.

But now, that has changed.

Sometimes, I’m tempted to do all those things that made me feel closer to you.

However, I guess I have to set some limits for myself since I couldn’t stand living a double life anymore.

I’m just afraid if I eliminate one more thing then we would have nothing.

I would lose you.

All I’m trying to do is become a better person,

a better example

and it’s pulling me away from you.