I don’t know what I want.

How immature.

It’s just that she gets mentioned

and I can’t help but compare which holidays or birthdays were more enjoyable.

How immature.

I get so bitter about it that I wish the whole nation would go to hell.

How immature.

I just want to get rid of all this negativity and the idea of her.

Wishful thinking is meaningless.

In the end, all I know is that I love you.



I don’t feel good about this. At all.

I know its the “right” thing to do.

I deserve this.

And so does he.

I hope I won’t regret this for life.

I hope everything will fall into place.

We deserve happiness. Especially him.

I’ll always be your’s.

Your ming a ling.

Hold onto you

What do you do

When you’re no longer content?

When you thought after all this, everything will be fine and it’s not?

When you’ve changed?

When your friends have changed?

When it’s normal to cry at least three times a week?

What do you do?

Reaching there

Us fighting constantly.

Everyday, it scares me.

It’s confusing and I change my mind a thousand million times.

How I did not know the dynamic changed so long ago astounds me.

Before it happened.

Before she happened.

Now only bitterness charges up my heart.

This path only leads to the putrid side of love.

I am afraid.

It can only go uphill.

Truly spotless

He sniffed her up. Gently.

She didn’t dare to move.

It was as if she had no choice.

Close to the yellow putrid liquid.

He cherished in every daylight.

Caught up in his words.

She never met his actions.

We shan’t look at the picture.

We shan’t analyse.

She chewed her lips.