Did we pass the expiry date and completely miss it?

Maybe it’s time to rewind.

Maybe it’s time to greet the day with wet hair and a clean face.

Memory Lane

I want to speak.

My mind is messed up.

But it’s different now.

Things have changed.

There’s something stopping me.


it’s what you said

a few nights ago.

I’m going back to my old route.

I’m closing up.


We locked mouths

and played tongue twister.

The man of Neon looked with intensity.

Observing the behaviour.

Determining what led to this display of affection.

He couldn’t come to a conclusion.

Preconventional Morality

I remember the time when we used a ruler to write our sentences in a straight line.

I remember the time I followed you through the windy wet market,

passed by the snakes in a fish tank.

I remember the time we were allowed to play in the senior playground.

Hierarchy led those days. Disobedience was minimal.

Simple pleasures. So easily pleased and amused.

Still easily pleased and amused.

This is nothing new to me.

Summer: “One day I woke up and I just knew.”
Tom: “Knew what?”
Summer: “What I was never sure of when I was with you.”

It still amazes me how people can move on so fast.

I should know.

I shouldn’t be surprised.

Yet it still puzzles me. Me.

Maybe it’s just a facade.

A second wall built.

A girl never learns.