Shoe revelation

It just occurred to me why I felt somewhat partial and indifferent to peep toe boots.


‘Cause they look like Oliver Twist shoes!!!

Ahhh..Finally, I can rest in peace.

P.S. Quite expensive for Oliver Twist boots, don’t ya think?


280 minutes

Sometimes we find comfort in the strangers we meet.

Our silent smiles.

Nothing to hide.

Pure acceptance.

Mere recollections of memories.

Stolen hearts.


These eight months have been wonderful and blissful.

Regardless whether we are in the honeymoon period or not, I’m happy.

The guidelines means nothing. What “they” say means nothing.

And even though my actions may contradict what I feel, the truth still remains.

I love you.

I sincerely mean it with all my heart.

Happy anniversa-weeeee babes!!