So misunderstood. So jaded.

The quirky likalicious riotous ran around sweeping off everybody’s feet.

Except her lover. The bystander.

They grabbed her by the hips and dragged her across the highway.

The cats purred in pure disgust.

The prude became the pervert.

The belle of the ball never turned up.

Everything was in retrospective.

Because of her.

The misunderstood.

The jaded.


The sound of unsettling broke through the day.

She spoke uncomforting words.

She left feeling unstable.


Tonight the sound of settling will break through.

She will speak comforting words.

She will leave feeling stable

and confused.

I will return

It was pretty heartwrenching.

You reminded me of the time.

I understood how you felt.

I tried hard not to remember.

You leaving.

How things were left so uncertain yet concluded.

It wasn’t easy

trying not to cry.


I hope you’re not confused

Or never will be

Cause after all, you’re my wonderwaaaaaaaaaall…


I miss you
I want you
I hug you
I kiss you
I wuv woo!

Happy happy happy anniversa-weeeeeee…


I have so many mean sentences in my head ready to jot down in this blog

I sometimes question whether I’m pretending to be a nice person.

I don’t know.

I would like to think I’m not fake.

Is my self-concept wrong?

I’ve just been let down. Bad.

In all ways. Through all types of relationships.

By the way, I’m not blaming any particular person here.

My current perspective and expectations have changed so much.

Who would have known it would have come down to this?

I just don’t want to think too much.

I don’t want to think too far.


One day, it will change.

Just not now.


I love the idea that bad things are going to happen to those I detest.

It is such a delightful feeling to indulge in.

(One day, karma is going to hit me in an imploding way)


I stayed and counted to 10, 20, 30.

And I got the Greatest View.

Every nanosecond spent with you is perfect.

All you need to do is wrap your arm around my shoulder,

kiss me on the cheek

and every negative feeling vanishes.

Its a “Gorgon” moment.