Play-Doh Time!!!

Ever since my cheeseball dinosaur bought me play-doh, I’ve been showing it off to everybody. =P

So yesterday, I flaunted it in front of Rae and it was play-doh time!

Me and my Daddy

Me and my Daddy

She started off with making a really cute piece of crap (literally).

Rae's crap

Rae's crap

And I made a cat with his “heart on his sleeve”.

Mew, Rae-bit and Rae-dish =P

Mew, Rae-bit and Rae-dish =P

Then it started getting a little kinky and frisky. Lol…

Who knew you could have so much fun with play-doh and even use it as a stress ball (stress dough?). =P

On a random note, I miss my chipmunk. Hugs!


The Hills

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about a tv show in my blog before.

Well, about the Hills (Yes, I’m crazy about the show and Audrina and JB aka Justin Bobby. If you don’t know nuts about it, stop being gnarly and start watching it because it is crazy crazy crazy!!!)

I used to hate Spencer with a passion because he was sarcastically rude and obnoxious. However, last night he instantly won my heart especially with that suave proposal he made to Heidi in the Ferris Wheel.

I guess that’s how the show portrays you. If the producer wants you to be a phallus, then that’s what you’ll be.

That’s exactly how life is.

Life’s a bitch but you don’t need to be one.

My gosh, I’m starting to get a little philosi-blonde-phical on my blog.

Wth is happening to me. HELP!!

P.S. I don’t think I made sense.

Better High by Ted Wendler

Fly Away by Ossiseanna

Fly Away by Ossiseanna

Pain is just a broken record.

Loving you sounds so much better.

Loneliness is just a way to die.

Memories and motion pictures.

How it focus from the  liqour.

Loving you is such a better high.

It’s such a better high.

He knows who I am.

And I like it.

He knows you like the back of his hands.

And I like it high.

Fill me up

And drink me down, love.

Fill you up

I’ll drink you down, love.

And I’ll get high

I like it high.

Thinking About You by Ivy

Deep in another dream

Thinking about you

Sailing through the city streets

Thinking about you

It’s only been a little while

But I’m thinking about you

Can’t hide another smile

I’ve been thinking about you

But I never look back

Never look over my shoulder

And I never react

Can’t go where I’ve gone before

No, I never look back

Now I’ve grown so much colder

And you’re fading to black

Like it’s nothing at all

It’s nothing at all.

Fictitious love

I now believe the other side of the rainbow lies a very bad place.

Where dead ferrets are hung from beautiful frangipani trees.

Where fishes jump in the air to reach the slowly falling raindrops.

Where people are invisible to other’s presence.

I was indeed deceived.