What happened to coming up with a solution to every problem?

You don’t even want to undo the misunderstanding.

I am very disappointed.

I am so easily agitated.

I am so easily upset.

I am exploding every time someone interrupts me.

I get paranoid when it seems that people are poking their nose into my business.

How do I get rid of this?

I deserve happiness. Not this. Not nonsense.

My tears are turning into time.



Should I or should I not.

You’ve clearly shown that you don’t understand what “give me time” means.

You get aggro.

I decrease my input.

You can’t treat me like this.

You think I’m disrespectful.

You think I’m unreasonable.

You think I don’t listen.

You think I’m ungrateful.

You think I expect too much.

You think I purposely make you feel bad about yourself.

Maybe it’s you who needs a change of view.

Show me that you care in other ways.

If you think I’m being too demanding, then go find somebody else.


Be nice and thoughtful.

You used to be like that.

Do something about it.

Don’t just try.