I don’t know what I want.

How immature.

It’s just that she gets mentioned

and I can’t help but compare which holidays or birthdays were more enjoyable.

How immature.

I get so bitter about it that I wish the whole nation would go to hell.

How immature.

I just want to get rid of all this negativity and the idea of her.

Wishful thinking is meaningless.

In the end, all I know is that I love you.


Viper with limitless poison

Fuck you.

How dare you threaten me and question whether I’m actually being productive.

The only time when I’m being productive is when you’re not around.

I deserve to be treated 1 billion times better.

I’ve tolerated enough of your fucking nonsense and negativity.

Even when I left, you didn’t properly hug me because all you could do is act miserable for the world to see.

If you truly didn’t expect anything from me because I’m the one always receiving, then why do you treat me this way.

You are destructive to my personal development.

You are an obstruction to my self-actualization.

Seriously fuck fuck fuck fuck you for being the worst individual ever known to mingkind.

Once again

I hate you.

I wish you didn’t exist.

But then I wouldn’t be here.

Actually, that thought seems pretty pleasant.

I’ll forever hate you and then maybe one day, I’ll disappear.

A gun with a fan

Burnt by the cigarette butts,

She just lay there.


Ignorant of what was going on.

On top of her.

I tasted bitterness.

I smelt betrayal.

I spoke angry things.

And once I spoke them, I retreated.

Back to you.

Unreasonable comparison

I’m gonna ignore you because of your association with that despicable what’s her face.

I might be the meanest person in the world because of all the names I create.

Because of the stereotypes I make of people.

But I could be worse with the things I’m capable of.

Maybe it’s just the delusions of grandeur that I have.

Since when did we come down to this?