Ming’s Quote of the Day

I haven’t done a “Ming’s Quote of the Day” post for so long.

Probably since the days of “in spatial severity”.

So here’s one for you.

“I know a flirt when I hear one.”



I wonder how it would be like to drive with my eyes closed.

That would really be fulfilling.

But first of all, I would need to get a driver’s license.

Until then, I will only know.

False perceptions

I had it all perfectly phrased out.

I even had a perfect ending.

But now, it’s all jumbled up.

Thanks to friends who makes stupid decisions.

Thanks to friends who are judgmental.

You really brighten up my world.

You amaze me with your mule-ability.

You are blinded by ideal beliefs and false promises.

Yet, I wish I wasn’t like you.


Fireworks! Boom boom bang! (Wheeeee…purple and gold!!!)

Restaurant with an awesome interior! (Love it love it love it!)

Winning a tv!

Watching Vince dance.

Piercing my ears again!

It was more than worth it  (x10) to watch you play pps. (It actually made me smile)

All in all, it was awesome awesome awesome awesome AWESOME!

Rating: 15/10

It’s been a long time since I had so much fun! Thank you so much! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee…

At their peak.

I can’t lick my own wounds.

They just won’t let me.

“Who’s they?”, you ask.

The ones who never give you what you want.

The ones who bring you down.

The ones who watch you in disregard.

“How do we get rid of them?”

I wish I knew.


What happened to coming up with a solution to every problem?

You don’t even want to undo the misunderstanding.

I am very disappointed.

I am so easily agitated.

I am so easily upset.

I am exploding every time someone interrupts me.

I get paranoid when it seems that people are poking their nose into my business.

How do I get rid of this?

I deserve happiness. Not this. Not nonsense.

My tears are turning into time.