Relationship Tips

From my past relationships, I’ve learnt a couple of things:

1. There’s no point making promises about the future when you’re not even sure if you can even keep them.

2. Don’t buy anything that would label you as a couple (e.g. rings, shirts, bracelets) until you’re engaged.

3.  No point making plans about the future or even thinking about it until you’re self-sufficient and 99% sure that the person is right for you.

4. Be ready to be hurt but don’t be sceptical about it.

5. Don’t try to change a person but that doesn’t mean you should accept EVERYTHING about him/her.

6. Don’t stay together with someone who has cheated on you. That is inexcusable. You deserve better than that.

7. Be together with someone who loves you more than you love him/her.



  1. monkey shines · March 23, 2011


    • blekming · March 26, 2011


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