I think we, Christians, have the highest probability of disappointing people because naturally, people expect more out of us since we are suppose to be good, kind, giving, patient, etc. Basically, Christ-like.

(Keynote: Christ-like. Like Christ.)

If a Buddhist gets agitated easily, it’s nothing because he/she probably had a bad day.

If a Muslim is not fasting, how could you judge a hungry person.

If a Atheist is being rude, that’s normal because all Atheist are cynical.

And you can’t even condemn a Hindu, because anything they do wrong is a norm and is taken as a cultural lesson.

So here we are, judging Christians, our own kind – per se.

We can tell people what makes us different is having Jesus in our hearts but our actions could say likewise.

And then, we’re looked upon badly.

But WE all forget that we are ALL sinners.

All of us!

Just that, we are saved by grace.

So what does that really mean?

Do we understand the depth of that meaning?

Do we hold it in our hearts forever?

It is something that sounds so simple

but it is impossible to comprehend what God has really done for us.

We could never step into his sandals.

And you know what?

Sometimes, I wish that was possible for some missionaries so that they will stop boasting about the number of contractable diseases they’ve attained when really it’s nothing compared to what God has done for us.


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