You know how I’ve mentioned that I laugh at other people’s ‘tragedies’.

Well yes, the feeling of guilt swept in.

You know the gutted feeling somewhere between your stomach and liver.

It’s like I’m happy that the other person’s not doing so well

and it becomes a sick joke and all to me.

But when I stare at the screen and think through about what I’m happy about.

It doesn’t suit my appetite so well.

It hits me (that’s when the gutted feeling comes in) and I’m like,

“Wow, I’ve become quite a bitter, mean person, huh?”

Then I try to rationalize this ‘hatred’ I feel towards the individual.

In the end, the most number of reasons I can come up with is two or three

because when I try to come up with reason no. 4,

I realize that this is really not helping me to become a better person.

The funny thing is if that person came back and said that he or she was wrong,

We would instantly kiss, hug and make up for lost time and love.

So maybe there is still hope in this world.

Whether the person will return or not is another story.


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