Sugar Honey Ice Tea

Honestly, I think my blog is a form of my defense mechanism.

But I’m just being myself

or rather the ideal ambiguous, sarcastic, spiteful me,

which I want to project to anybody who reads this so-called “diary”.

I guess I’m just tired of being such a carebear to everybody

that when I read the old stuff I used to write,

I start to miss the old angsty, fiery ming.

The girl who thought the whole world (meaning her mum) was against her.

(And yes, I’m saying indirectly that my mum means the world to me. Here’s where I want to puke. Shite, my defense mechanism is on again).

But in the end, I realize somewhere along the line, I’ve got to accept who I am.

How I’m no longer so hateful.

I’m no longer rebellious.

I’ve basically grown up.

Which is such an overrated thing if you think about it.

Despite all that, once in a while, I would advise you to have a drink

and speak your mind so that you can actually call someone a bitch and actually mean it.

Then think,

“Gosh, it does feel good to be back again.”


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