I’ve just been so freaking frustrated lately…

I really really hate this feeling.

It doesn’t help me.

It doesn’t help you.

It’s like the freaking song below.

I’m so tired that I’m not even bothered to write in an ambiguous, vague manner

Just ranting it out as it is.

I don’t get why every time I spend time with you, I’m somehow get upset.

It’s making me go WHAT THE IKAN at myself!

And I’m like wondering why is this affecting me.


It’s not helping at ALL!!!!!

This is so silly and unnecessary.

I really don’t want to feel this way about you.

This is really affecting me

and it’s making me worried.

I hope I’m worrying for nothing.

Ikan, I can’t even go to sleep now!!

And its 6.00am now.

Ikan my life.


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