He takes me in with his broken sweet smile.

And he stays for a medium while.

Longer, I wished.

Love me, LOVE ME. At least, like me! Said the starfish.

And he leaves.

That’s when a broken clock would come in handy, I grumbled.




  1. Dawn Yang · September 8, 2009

    Firstly, you can’t botox lips. Botox is to eliminate wrinkles. I am only 24. Your comment is not an intelligent one at all.

    Secondly, I love my lips the way they are. They look the same as always. Have you been to your optometrist lately? Maybe those glasses you’re wearing are not thick enough.

    Thirdly, if some rascal vandalized your home with nasty comments all over the walls that are slanderous and not true, are you going to leave all that nasty grafitti there? I don’t think so.

    Please grow up. It is YOUR self-esteem that needs working on if you feel the need to repeatedly come to my website to post such comments.

    • blekming · September 8, 2009

      Hi Dawn,

      Whoa. It’s polite to say hi first. Take a chill pill. If you had a healthy self-esteem, you wouldn’t be so affected by my comments in the first place.

      Maybe I do need to go for an annual check up with my optometrist but I think its rather troublesome to post up pre and post pictures of your lips.

      Ok, I got my facts wrong. Sorry about that. You are the expert on this matters after all. My bad. =)

      Nice to hear from you.

  2. Mei Fong · September 12, 2009

    oooo! I finally read this comment!! Haha.. Hi btw =P

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