Play-Doh Time!!!

Ever since my cheeseball dinosaur bought me play-doh, I’ve been showing it off to everybody. =P

So yesterday, I flaunted it in front of Rae and it was play-doh time!

Me and my Daddy

Me and my Daddy

She started off with making a really cute piece of crap (literally).

Rae's crap

Rae's crap

And I made a cat with his “heart on his sleeve”.

Mew, Rae-bit and Rae-dish =P

Mew, Rae-bit and Rae-dish =P

Then it started getting a little kinky and frisky. Lol…

Who knew you could have so much fun with play-doh and even use it as a stress ball (stress dough?). =P

On a random note, I miss my chipmunk. Hugs!

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