Fatty mama tried to convince the class to boycott Starbucks and Macd’s.

She went on and on about how they were sending funds to supply the artillery, yadiyadiya.

This is when I laughed.

She said:

“Every time you put a fry or a burger into your mouth, their blood is in your mouth. Every time you sip your Starbuck drinks, you are drinking their blood.”

I think it’s just best to be ignorant and laugh.



  1. pochp · January 14, 2009

    Fatty mama’s words were harsh but don’t be surprised when you find out that she was 99% right. CAREFUL.

  2. xinch · January 20, 2009

    fattymama? XD
    whozzattt.. is it who i think it is?

  3. blekming · January 20, 2009

    It maybe Puan Fatimah or….maybe not? Lol!

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