The city of high fashion

She sways like there’s an invisible hula hoop around her hips.

Her love handles are too die for.

Her look makes people shit in their pants.

Her lips makes guys erupt.

What a beautiful revolution.

Enough to make peace.

Don’t let her go out of your senses.




  1. Benjamin Samin · February 11, 2008

    haha try this: read self fulfilling prophecy, the instantly read this poem. sounds like a pendulum that swings between the absesses of bipolar depression. hahaha.. i’d gladly offer you my stock of prozac. it’s proven that a kiss is good for depression too. waaahaha

  2. blekming · February 12, 2008

    Blek!!! What are you trying to imply? I have my own form of prozac..don’t need ya’s..wink wink..

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